Welcome to Graceland

Graceland Nursing Home is situated in a peaceful location in Glenwood, opposite a small park that looks magnificent when its Flamboyant trees are in full bloom.

Our nursing home offers residents comfortable, homely accommodation, personal care and full health care in an environment that promotes independence, privacy and choice.

Graceland Nursing Home was opened in loving memory of Elaine Mirl Finch and Roma Chowles Unsworth. Elaine and Roma lived their last few years with Alzheimers and Graceland Nursing Home was built and opened by their children Gail Robertson Unsworth and Sid Unsworth Chowles respectively, with the intention of providing elderly loved ones with a homely, peaceful place to live and be cared for.

Our garden is in its juvenile stages, but we are aiming on it being a beautiful, tranquil garden setting with rest areas, wheelchair pathways, garden benches, bird baths and lovely plants and flowers that will attract birds, butterflies and other welcome insects. We also plan on growing our own herb garden so that we can use fresh herbs in our tasty, nutritious meals each day.

At Graceland Nursing Home we invite family and visitors to visit at any time without having to make appointments to see loved ones or meet with our staff. Relatives are welcome to call or pop in at any time with concerns or enquiries.








Tel: (031) 205 1378

Fax: 086 763 0406



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